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Jeff Tanenbaum is a member of Nixon Peabody’s Labor & Employment practice and chairs the firm’s Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA) practice. He represents employers in a very wide range of employment and labor law matters, with a particular emphasis on occupational safety and health compliance and litigation.

What do you focus on?

I have devoted my entire career to assisting employers with a broad array of employment and labor issues. I particularly enjoy working with my clients to find novel, yet practical compliance solutions for the increasingly complex world of employment regulation. Examples include policies and procedures to address the intersection of the ADA, leave laws and workers compensation; the development of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs and the defense of ADR claims; guidance through complex terminations and RIFs and alternatives; cross-border employment issues; supply chain management; employee/independent contractor classification; workplace violence response plans; crisis response; and training of executives, managers and supervisors.

My practice also has a special focus on occupational safety and health compliance and litigation, including but not limited to Cal/OSHA and Fed/OSHA matters. This involves developing state of the art safety procedures, training, safety and health audits, appeals of citations, obtaining variances and representing employers in the rulemaking process. I have litigated well over a thousand OSHA citations.

While my practice crosses all industries, many of my clients are in the fields of technology, life sciences, manufacturing, health care, maritime, food and beverage, utilities, energy, retail and hospitality.

What do you see on the horizon?

Labor and employment law is extremely dynamic. In the foreseeable future I believe we will see significant developments in the following areas:

  • The aging workforce. These issues include more age and disability claims, as well as issues related to retirement and health plans. Scientists suggest that children today may live to be 120 years old. That puts a very different spin on the concept of retirement at 65.
  • Compliance issues and litigation under the Affordable Care Act and further health care reform.
  • Post DOMA: LGBT issues are on the forefront of the civil rights movement in the 21st century.
  • Immigration reform and the increased globalization of the workforce.
  • The coming pandemic: it is just a matter of time until the next significant pandemic strikes. Employers will need to be much more prepared.
  • Robotics in the workplace.
  • Remote work locations.
  • New efforts by unions to reinvent themselves.


Jeff's numerous publications have included:

  • Rutter Guide California Practice Guide Employment Litigation Workplace  Safety Chapter (Contributing Editor)
  • Cal-OSHA Handbook (technical advisor)
  • Senate Bill 198 and the Be a Manager Go to Jail Act (author)
  • Employee Handbook: How to Write One for Your Company (co-author)
  • Cal-OSHA: Beyond the Basics (co-author)
  • The Common Sense Employer (editorial advisor)
  • Terror and Violence in the Workplace (co-author)
  • Personnel Policy Solutions (co-editor)
  • Family Leave Laws: A Guide for California Employers (editor)
  • New Guidelines for Employment Contracts and Disciplinary Procedures (co-author)
  • The Five Biggest Mistakes Made by Employers (and How to Avoid Them!) (co-author)
  • California Employment Law Reporter (columnist)
  • The New Cal-OSHA Guidelines for the Contingent Workforce (co-author)
  • An Employer’s Pocket Guide to Cal/OSHA (author)
  • Preventing Workplace Violence (author)
  • Cal/OSHA Compliance Advisor (co-editor)

Media Clips

  • Trumping Obama's employment law legacy
    Law360 | November 16, 2016
    Providence labor and employment partner Stacie Collier and San Francisco labor and employment partner Jeff Tanenbaum and associate Traci Bernard-Marks contributed this article about anticipated changes in labor and employment law by President-elect Trump and Republicans in Congress.
  • Trump spells trouble for Obama's employment legacy
    Law360 | November 9, 2016
    This article focuses on the labor and employment changes we could see in a Trump administration.  San Francisco labor and employment partner Jeff Tanenbaum discusses the topic of equal pay.
  • Uber case lawyers face tall order to produce more info
    San Francisco Daily Journal | July 5, 2016
    San Francisco Labor & Employment partner Jeff Tanenbaum provides commentary throughout this story on a U.S. District Judge’s demand that lawyers in the Uber Technologies Inc. misclassification lawsuit quickly produce additional information regarding an up-to-$100-million settlement between Uber and California and Massachusetts drivers.
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  • OSHA Enforcement Trends to Watch in 2016
    Compliance Week | December 22, 2015
    San Francisco Labor & Employment partner Jeff Tanenbaum provides commentary regarding the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforcement trends that significantly raise the stakes for companies that fail to provide safe workplaces.
  • The ABCs of Calif.'s Automated External Defibrillator Law
    Law360 | September 24, 2015
    San Francisco Labor & Employment partner Jeff Tanenbaum and associate Traci Bernard-Marks authored this column discussing why it may be prudent for employers to still generally make use of automated external defibrillators voluntary and not part of an employee’s job duties.
  • Supply Chain Slavery Comes into Focus for Companies
    Wall Street Journal | March 30, 2015
    San Francisco Labor & Employment partner Jeff Tanenbaum is quoted in this article discussing slave labor in the supply chain.
  • Nurse Infected with Ebola at Texas Hospital Files Suit Alleging Negligence, Privacy Claims
    Bloomberg BNA's Health Law Reporter | March 5, 2015
    San Francisco Labor & Employment partner Jeff Tanenbaum is quoted in this article on the lawsuit filed by the Texas nurse infected with the Ebola virus while on the job.
  • California Legislation to Watch in 2015
    Law360 | January 2, 2015
    This coverage quotes San Francisco Labor & Employment partner Jeff Tanenbaum discussing the potential national implications of new legislation in California.
  • California's Worker-Friendly Laws Passed in 2014 Could Spread Across the Nation
    Daily Journal | December 29, 2014
    This coverage quotes San Francisco Labor & Employment partner Jeff Tanenbaum discussing the potential national implications of California’s employment laws passed in 2014.
  • California court rules retailer needn't provide AEDs
    FierceCFO | July 21, 2014
    San Francisco Labor & Employment partner Jeff Tanenbaum discusses the impact of a California appeals court ruling that Target was not obligated to provide automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in its stores.
  • Calif. Defibrillator Ruling Likely To Draw Lawmakers' Attention
    Law360 | June 23, 2014
    San Francisco Labor & Employment partner Jeff Tanenbaum discusses the implications of California Supreme Court’s ruling that Target Corp. wasn't obligated to carry automated external defibrillators.
  • Calif. May Force Emergency Medical Equipment on Retailers
    Law360 | June 18, 2014
    San Francisco Labor & Employment partner Jeff Tanenbaum and associate Caroline Burnett authored this column discussing Verdugo v. Target Stores before the California Supreme Court in which the plaintiff alleges that large retailers have an obligation to keep automatic external defibrillators ("AEDs") in stores.


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