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Molly Bryson focuses her practice on assisting major banks and companies in their investments in affordable housing and solar energy using tax credits and commercial and subsidized financing.

As an office leader of the firm’s women’s initiative, she has helped develop a network and structure for professional development of women attorneys.

What do you focus on?

Social investment and community development are priorities for me. The way that the federal government has incentivized the private sector to get involved in advancing important social good in communities through tax credits inspires me. As a frequent speaker in the tax credit industry, I enjoy talking with others about these important social programs.

Low-Income Housing

I provide strategic advice in structuring the financing for low-income housing apartment complexes, making sure that various federal and state subsidies work in tandem to allow for their development and continued operation. My experience in this area of real estate development has made me an effective negotiator skilled in getting to the finish line in complex business transactions. When I co-led the firm’s team devoted to low-income housing tax credit financing, I helped attorneys develop in this area and grow their practice.


More recently, I have delved into the renewable energy financing arena by representing investors and sponsors of solar energy projects. I have worked on a variety of residential and commercial projects nationwide using various investment financing structures such as the lease pass through.

What do you see on the horizon?

I am following how social media is used increasingly in business to spread the word about new and exciting developments such as the installation of more solar panels on the White House.


Molly R. Bryson