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, 5/25/2016

U.S. entities and individuals with investments in foreign businesses or real estate may be obligated to report financial and operating data to U.S. Department of Commerce by May 31, 5/25/2016

New look for nutrition facts label, 5/25/2016

ERISA fiduciary breach class action extends to 100-participant 401(k) plan , 5/25/2016

U.S. businesses with non-U.S. investors may be obligated to report financial and operating data to U.S. Department of Commerce by May 31, 5/23/2016

China whistleblower protections may increase FCPA investigations and prosecutions , 5/23/2016

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner, 5/20/2016

Revocable Trusts: fund now or later?, 5/18/2016

Are you ready for Rhode Island's new identity theft protection act?, 5/18/2016

U.S. Department of Labor issues final regulations expanding overtime coverage, 5/18/2016

New Massachusetts solar net metering legislation (an act relative to solar energy, Chapter 75 of the Acts of 2016), 5/18/2016

U.S. Supreme Court establishes new test for federal jurisdiction over securities cases based on state law, 5/18/2016

SCOTUS declines to decide Spokeo, but reaffirms the principle that article III standing requires "concrete" harm, 5/18/2016

Defend Trade Secrets Act requires updates to employment and contractor agreements, including NDAs—but employers should consider their options, 5/18/2016

What's trending in Affordable Housing, 5/17/2016

Finally, some relief: Federal Circuit lowers the bar in Alice cases, 5/16/2016

Supreme Court declines to limit aggressive extortion theory, 5/16/2016

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner, 5/13/2016

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