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, 10/24/2014

Do courts like the service of legal process via social media?, 10/22/2014

California Federal Court Takes First Stab At False Advertising Claims Involving Prescription Drugs After POM Wonderful, 10/21/2014

The CDC updates guidelines for Ebola response, 10/21/2014

New York hospitals, clinics, and ambulances must take immediate steps to address risks of Ebola, 10/20/2014

Proposed New York ACO regulations: What you should know about becoming a certified ACO, 10/17/2014

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner , 10/17/2014

Will NY DSRIP program's impact extend beyond the state Medicaid program?, 10/17/2014

Louisiana refuses Ebola incineration waste, 10/17/2014

From flu season to Ebola: what employers need to know, 10/16/2014

California adopts new data privacy legislation affecting retailers , 10/15/2014

Supreme Court to decide whether employees must explicitly request accommodations for their religious beliefs , 10/14/2014

Webinar Recording: Tech Talk 101: are you fluent in the language of data security?, 10/14/2014

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner, 10/10/2014

Tax Court finds predictive coding effective, not taxing , 10/10/2014

South Korea's Fair Trade Commission imposes largest possible fine on franchise for unfair practices, 10/10/2014

Supreme Court oral arguments: Tenth Circuit aberration on CAFA removal likely to evade review, 10/9/2014

The Second Circuit speaks: accessing a social media web page is not enough to authenticate it , 10/7/2014

The continuing CWIS rule war—the battleground has been chosen, 10/7/2014

Don't get caught holding the bag: California enacts ban on single-use plastic bags , 10/6/2014

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