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What's trending on NP Privacy Partner, 8/26/2016

SEC holds businesses accountable for language in employment severance agreements, 8/25/2016

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner, 8/19/2016

Are you certain? California Court of Appeal says availability of prejudgment interest may depend on litigation strategy , 8/17/2016

D.C. appellate court rejects challenge to SEC administrative proceedings, 8/15/2016

Bayou Shores decision is a reminder that, in a fight with CMS over Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, successful restructurings require advice of experienced health care counsel, 8/9/2016

The new Massachusetts Pay Equity Act—Guidance for employers, 8/5/2016

Judge Peck declines to compel use of predictive coding , 8/5/2016

What's trending on NP Trusts & Estates, 8/3/2016

OCR issues additional HIPAA audit guidance, 8/3/2016

STEM OPT: Add an additional seven months by August 8, 2016, 8/2/2016

What's trending in Affordable Housing, 8/1/2016

What's trending on NP Privacy Partner, 7/29/2016

A fight left unfinished—the D.C. Circuit in Takeda v. Burwell declines to clarify the scope of Hatch-Waxman Paragraph IV certifications, 7/26/2016

At long last, the IRS Publishes 50(d) Regulations. What does it mean to the historic and renewables industries?, 7/26/2016

SEC changes to its administrative “in-house” proceedings fail to protect fundamental fairness, 7/26/2016

Cayman Islands Court of Appeal decision clarifies investor rights in liquidation proceedings, 7/25/2016

Who's accountable? Investors find success using Massachusetts' consumer protection statute against third-party accountant, 7/22/2016

Finishing our plates: new regulations to help limit organic waste in NYC, 7/22/2016

Second Circuit holds that domestic warrants on U.S. e-mail providers cannot reach content held overseas, 7/22/2016

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