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Tonie Bitseff counsels employers and benefit industry professionals regarding employee benefits and compensation. She closely follows and advises her clients on health care reform and taxation of health and welfare plans and benefits.

What do you focus on?

I work collaboratively with employers and their benefits staff and advisors to address compliance challenges, provide critical benefits and control costs. My role is different for each client. For some clients I serve as general trust counsel; for others I provide targeted advice directed at specific problems. My role almost always is to help navigate and untie the intricate web of knots created by state, local and federal regulation so that employers can afford to provide benefits that deliver value to their employees.

What do you see on the horizon?

Changing workplace demographics and a very new approach to government regulation and mandates will force employers to look beyond benchmarking when attracting and retaining workers. Understanding employee needs and values will require a deeper appreciation for the employer’s role in maintaining the individual employee’s productivity and in providing for our elderly, disabled and sick.

Prior Experience

Tonie was the co-founder of Marin Legal APC, a boutique employment and benefits firm. She also led the health and welfare plan practice of Thelen LLP.


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Tonie Bitseff