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Workplace Policies, Procedures & Training

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Our predictive and proactive employment counsel helps corporations forecast upcoming workforce challenges and capture the opportunities that lie ahead.

Our approach

Work has transformed—mobile accessibility, flexible work schedules and a global, round-the-clock mentality continue to shape how employers manage their workflow and workforce.

Developing workplace policies sets the tone for how your business operates and evolves. Well-crafted procedures promote priorities and encourage new behaviors.

If left untouched, though, poorly planned policies and procedures can lead to costly and damaging disputes. We’ve seen the benefits of proactive planning and training and help our clients hone best practices in the workplace.

How it works:

Taking the time to understand how your workplace functions, we draw from your culture to develop employment practices that strengthen your business goals. We’re there from start to finish, guiding you through the entire employee life cycle.

From creating employment handbooks, to offering advice and counsel, to providing training on emerging trends, we’re on call to provide accessible and real-world advice 24/7.

Who we work with

  • In-house counsel, senior management and HR professionals looking for cost-effective guidance, as well as supervisors, team leads and others who will benefit from increased legal awareness

Media Clips

  • Company Social Media Accounts—Who Owns Those Twitter Followers?
    Forbes | February 18, 2013

    San Francisco Labor & Employment associate Renée Jackson discusses employee versus employer “ownership” of company social media accounts in this Q&A.


New York takes aim at preventing transgender and gender identity discrimination in the workplace
Employment Law Alert | February 5, 2016

EEOC issues proposed rule to collect pay data from employers
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California changes AED immunity requirements
Employment Law Alert | September 9, 2015

Massachusetts Appeals Court Vitali decision emphasizes importance of user-friendly timekeeping systems and clear instructions to employees
Employment Law Alert | September 4, 2015

Companies employing companionship and live-in domestic service employees must now comply with minimum wage and overtime requirements
Employment Law Alert | August 24, 2015

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A handful of post-hoc cures to California's Paid Sick Leave Law provide useful clarification (though many unanswered issues still leaving many employers sick)
Employment Law Alert | July 16, 2015

DOL says most workers are employees and issues new memo on alleged misclassification of independent contractors
Employment Law Alert | July 15, 2015

Law on interns continues to evolve: new test applied
Employment Law Alert | July 13, 2015

Rhode Island adds comprehensive workplace protections for pregnant and nursing women
Employment Law Alert | July 9, 2015

NYC bans the box
Employment Law Alert | July 1, 2015

Connecticut Imposes Mandatory Double Damages for Failure to Pay Minimum or Overtime Wages
Employment Law Alert | June 30, 2015

A new U.K. law aimed at ending human trafficking and forced labor will likely require increased global supply chain oversight
Employment Law Alert | June 29, 2015

Rhode Island increases minimum wage
Employment Law Alert | June 26, 2015

What does the Supreme Court's decision in King v. Burwell mean for individuals, employers, and the fate of health care reform?
Benefits Alert | June 26, 2015

NY legislature passes bill requiring nonprofits to create workplace violence prevention programs
Employment Law Alert | June 22, 2015

New York's top court rejects choice-of-law provision, endorses "blue pencil" doctrine in non-compete case
Employment Law Alert | June 19, 2015

Massachusetts Attorney General clarifies "Safe Harbor" period delaying applicability of Paid Sick Time law for certain employers
Employment Law Alert | June 17, 2015

NYC prepares to "ban the box"
Employment Law Alert | June 17, 2015

Does your dress code discriminate? The Supreme Court weighs in
Employment Law Alert | June 9, 2015

California proposed law would prevent employers from asking candidates for prior salary information
Employment Law Alert | June 2, 2015

Song-Beverly credit card opinion highlights need for retailers to review their procedures for credit card transactions
Retail Alert | May 27, 2015

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Attorney General delays implementation of MA Paid Sick Time Law for many employers
Employment Law Alert | May 18, 2015

New York City expected to ban employers from requesting or using credit histories
Employment Law Alert | April 29, 2015

Legislative Sting: New York City Commission on Human Rights mandated to run undercover investigations of local employers' hiring practices
Employment Law Alert | April 23, 2015

San Francisco to begin enforcing "Bill of Rights" for formula retail workers
Retail Alert | April 20, 2015

New York attorney general scrutinizing employers' use of on-call shifts
Employment Law Alert | April 14, 2015

Retailers and manufacturers beware: CA DOJ is conducting reviews of Supply Chains Act compliance
Employment Law Alert | April 13, 2015

NLRB protects vulgar workplace Facebook rant, reinstates fired employee
Employment Law Alert | April 6, 2015

Supreme Court revives pregnancy bias case, but splits the baby
Employment Law Alert | March 30, 2015

Associational Discrimination: Sometimes it is who you know
Employment Law Alert | March 13, 2015

Major revisions to Cal/OSHA's heat illness prevention standard
OSHA Law Alert | March 2, 2015

The rise in challenges to unpaid intern status
Retail Alert | February 27, 2015

Oakland joins growing trend — paid sick leave begins Monday, March 2
Employment Law Alert | February 25, 2015

NY to raise tipped minimum wage to $7.50 per hour
Employment Law Alert | February 25, 2015

Revenge Proves Its Own Executioner[1]: Employment retaliation claims on the rise
Employment Law Alert | February 18, 2015

Labor & employment 2015 crystal ball
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California says think twice before using temporary workers or others from staffing agencies and other labor contractors
Employment Law Alert | January 27, 2015

Governor Deval Patrick signs new "Parental Leave Bill"
Employment Law Alert | January 21, 2015

"Change, Change, Change" for Cal/OSHA in 2015
Employment Law Alert | January 8, 2015

When Duty Calls: New York enacts labor law requiring leave for first responders
Employment Law Alert | January 7, 2015

So close, yet so far — the bill amending the New York Wage Theft Prevention Act still not signed
Employment Law Alert | December 12, 2014

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Appeals Court affirms $1.4M jury verdict against Walgreen Company
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Will Massachusetts employers be required to provide paid sick days?
Employment Law Alert | October 31, 2014

From flu season to Ebola: what employers need to know
Employment Law Alert | October 16, 2014

Supreme Court to decide whether employees must explicitly request accommodations for their religious beliefs
Retail Alert | October 14, 2014

California's paid sick leave law — no get well card for employers
Employment Law Alert | September 18, 2014

MA mandates domestic violence leave
Employment Law Alert | September 9, 2014

State of the FLSA
Employment Law Alert | September 2, 2014

No cutting out: California employers must reimburse all cell phone expenses
Employment Law Alert | August 18, 2014

"The box" is banned
Employment Law Alert | August 14, 2014

New Jersey follows national trend and "bans the box" on initial employment applications
Employment Law Alert | August 13, 2014

New York passes legislation protecting interns
Employment Law Alert | July 29, 2014

EEOC issues new guidance on pregnancy discrimination: what employers need to know
Employment Law Alert | July 21, 2014

Retailers and other businesses breathe a sigh of relief: Court rules Target not required to have AEDs
Retail Alert | July 10, 2014

What will New York's Medical Marijuana Law mean for employers?
Employment Law Alert | June 23, 2014

Does the NLRB believe it's an "überagency?"
Employment Law Alert | June 23, 2014

Will large retailers (and others) be required to install and use emergency medical equipment?
Retail Alert | June 4, 2014

City of Rochester, New York, becomes latest jurisdiction to "ban the box"
Employment Law Alert | May 27, 2014

"It's getting hot [out] here…"
OSHA Alert | May 16, 2014

Wearables in the workplace: three traps for unsuspecting employers
Employment Law Alert | May 6, 2014

"Encryption is your best defense": covered entities agree to pay over $2 million for stolen unencrypted laptops
HIPAA Alert | April 24, 2014

Court holds employees may decline to use family and medical leave
Employment Law Alert | April 8, 2014

The New York City Human Rights Law amended to protect unpaid, non-employee interns from discrimination and harassment
Employment Law Alert | April 2, 2014

Webinar Recording: Are you ready for the NYC Earned Sick Time Act?
Originally recorded March 21, 2014 | March 27, 2014

San Francisco "bans the box" and restricts criminal background checks
Employment Law Alert | March 14, 2014

How friendly is the new San Francisco Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance?
Employment Law Alert | March 12, 2014

Supreme Court interprets Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower protection to reach employees of public company's private contractors
Financial Services Alert | March 6, 2014

Self-destructing text messages for business professionals? There's an app for that.
Employment Alert | February 4, 2014

Top five tips for employer documentation in an "age of connectivity"
Employment Law Alert | January 21, 2014

Pregnancy accommodation: What employers need to know about recent amendments to the New York City Human Rights Law
Employment Law Alert | January 16, 2014

NY State's highest court finds health care clinic is not liable for nurse's disclosure of patient information
Health Alert | January 13, 2014

The Labor and Employment Law crystal ball: Trends and developments for 2014
Employment Law Alert | December 27, 2013

The trend towards increasing minimum wage continues–this time in New York
Employment Law Alert | December 20, 2013

California Employment Legislation: What's New for 2014?
Employment Law Alert | November 12, 2013

Indefinite leave of absence: A reasonable accommodation under the New York City Human Rights Law?
Employment Law Alert | October 23, 2013

New York State DOL Publishes Final Regulations Regarding Permissible Wage Deductions
Employment Law Alert | October 22, 2013

Rhode Island becomes most recent state to "Ban the Box"
Employment Law Alert | July 29, 2013

Rhode Island law extends temporary disability benefits to caregivers
Employment Law Alert | July 15, 2013

Will the EEOC attack your use of criminal background checks?
Employment Law Alert | July 9, 2013

DOMA is (mostly) done. What U.S. v. Windsor means for employers
Employment Law Alert | June 28, 2013

San Francisco proposes mandatory flexible working arrangements
Employment Law Alert | June 20, 2013

Webinar Recording: Your Company's Online Reputation—Rights & Risks of Employees Using Social Media
Originally recorded June 3, 2013 | June 12, 2013

New York City Council enacts mandatory paid sick leave bill
Employment Law Alert | May 23, 2013

New York State DOL publishes proposed regulations regarding permissible wage deductions
Employment Law Alert | May 17, 2013

Court strikes down NLRB's Poster Rule
Employment Law Alert | May 8, 2013

Workplace agencies impacted by the sequester
Employment Law Alert | April 30, 2013

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Workplace Policies, Procedures & Training